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“I help homeowners discover extra money from their house, so they can generate more income and create long-term sustainable wealth."    Joseph Lam

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"I can help you find, save, invest, and grow your money so you can live and breathe easier."  Joseph

There are the 'old ways' of getting money out your home, and there are the 'New Ways'.

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Most people want to know how to get the most value and Return on Investment in ALL of their financial endeavors, and Joseph can help with that!

He's shown people:

     ✓ How to get the most money out of their homes, 
     ✓ How to invest with little or no money down, 
     ✓ The 'other' easy ways to find money from things like insurance and investments, 
     ✓ The different terms and programs that will benefit you most,
     ✓ And what you can do legally and morally to make the most of your home ownership!     

He will give you the insights you need to start generating more income and creating long-term wealth! 


Joseph Lam, MBA 
CRS, SRES, GREEN, ADU Specialist

I have been a business owner for over 33 years helping people use real estate and modern-day asset class to generate income and create long-term sustainable wealth.

In support the movement FIRE—'Financial Independence, Retire Early!', I've co-written three books and am working on a new book call ‘Hidden Money For Homeowners’

Having closed over $200,000,000 in real estate & loan transactions, I'm uniquely qualified and experienced to understand the 'ins and outs' of real estate and investing.

As the CEO of Homeowner Money Academy, LLC, I'm committed to helping everyday homeowners achieve their goal of financial independence.

I'd love to help you too...

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